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Decline in Local News Exacerbates Divisive Politics, New Study Suggests

Newsrooms are shrinking and newspapers are folding. The political environment has become increasingly divisive. These two trends are deeply connected, according to a recent study in the Journal of Communications, and they are dangerous not only for the media and our democracy, but for us as PR professionals. The divisive nature of politics has resulted […]

Does Your Company Practice What it Preaches?

Employers today have a significant credibility gap. According to a survey conducted by our research division KRC Research, just 19% of employees perceive a strong match between how their employer presents itself externally and what they are personally experiencing as an employee. Closing this gap makes real business sense. The survey found those who feel […]

Is ROX the new ROI? Measuring Brand Engagement In the Storytelling Age

In today’s digital environment, brands interact with customers across multiple touch points, on multiple channels and along unique journeys. In fact, customers are increasingly involved in helping co-create the brand experience when they share on social media. Traditional metrics like return on investment no longer capture the variety and breadth of interactions created by today’s […]

The Culture of Journalism: Podcasts Go Behind the Paywall

The Golden Age of Podcasts, i.e. when it was possible to hear almost anything you want for free, may be ending as an increasing number of top podcasts go behind the paywall. One of the first big name programs to make the leap is David Axelrod’s Axe Files, featuring a broad selection of media, political […]