Case Study: Twin Metals Minnesota

Twin Metals Logo

At Weber Shandwick, we take great pride in deeply immersing ourselves in our client’s businesses and industries. Today, we have a well-established specialty focus in the mining industry, thanks to our eight year relationship with Duluth Metals and later, Twin Metals Minnesota. Over the years, Twin Metals Minnesota has leaned on Weber Shandwick for every aspect of marketing communications – from creating its brand from day one of the company’s formation, to helping define and live that brand every day since.

Weber Shandwick worked with Twin Metals Minnesota’s team to understand deeply what the company stood for and created a brand – logo, website, materials, everything – that embodied that equity. To demonstrate “we’re a Minnesota company” was crucial as was representing the precious minerals Twin Metals Minnesota is pursuing, copper and nickel. The result: the logo design concept mirrors the shape of the state of Minnesota and the colors are dark orange and gray, visually representing the minerals of focus.

The carefully thought out branding and design concepts have served as a launching point for the company’s introduction in the state of Minnesota. Weber Shandwick, working with the Twin Metals team, has helped introduce the company to the broader public and built positive, important relationships with key state leaders and other stakeholders throughout Minnesota.

Today, Weber Shandwick serves as a leader within the Twin Metals team, supporting integrated public affairs, marketing and corporate communications, including issues management, community liaison development and grassroots outreach, message development, C-Suite communications, media relations, stakeholder development, website development and management, social media strategy and outreach, and more.

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