Media Training

Preparing your spokesperson for the “Ask Me Anything” moments.

Our core media training offering is a four-hour session for up to four participants in which we help clients understand the unique dynamics of an interview for broadcast or print.

The sessions begin with a lecture, including videos of good and bad interview techniques. The rest of the time is devoted to videotaped, role-play interviews with our trainers, who bring a combined 30 years of experience as reporters for newspapers and television stations and 28 years with our agency as media trainers.

The tapes are then critiqued, discussions held … and another interview is conducted. This gives trainees a chance to practice what they’ve just learned, or to apply techniques required in a different medium. The desired outcome is for the trainees to have greater confidence in their ability to conduct a credible and even memorable interview, grounded in their enhanced understanding of the process and optimal preparation.

Our presentation training module is similarly built around a videotaping a five- to 10-minute presentation, followed by a critique and repetition.

Key messaging sessions are essentially guided brainstorms in which we help client groups determine the one, two or three critical points they aim to deliver and have remembered by their audiences.