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We don’t stumble at the sight of BI, CRM, DCS, ERP, GUI, HMI, LNG, NAS, O&G, P2P, PLM, SaaS, SAN, SCADA, SCM, SOA, VoIP, VOx or any other acronym you care to name – the list goes on!

At Weber Shandwick our technology team is in the business of making complex stories compelling and attracting fans to the hottest companies driving the innovation economy. Our client base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to some of the industry’s most promising startups. From enterprise tech to clean tech, they all have compelling stories to share.

What you’ll find here is a team of creative minds who love figuring out how things work and how to bring tech stories to life through words, sounds and images, online and offline.


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The $2,499 Rabbit Hole

As you may have heard, more than 1,300 new generic top-level domains have been approved for use by ICANN, the governing body for such decisions. (gTLDs are the .com, .net, .org part of our web vernacular). Problem is, many of…


South by Southwest Interactive 2015 recap

Coming hot off the heels of South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) 2015, I arrived back to Minneapolis feeling invigorated, inspired, and positively exhausted. This was my second year attending the conference in Austin, Texas, and I can easily say this…