Pro Bono Program – More Info

We are no longer accepting applications for our 2016 pro bono client program. Please check back next summer to submit your pro bono application for the following calendar year.

Making a Difference: Weber Shandwick’s Pro Bono Program

Weber Shandwick has provided pro-bono public relations support to non-profit organizations across the state of Minnesota for more than 25 years. We are proud of our record of service, and more importantly, the good that it has done in making our community a better place to work and live.image_IMG_8898

Each summer, eligible non-profit organizations are invited to submit their application for consideration as one of our agency’s annual pro-bono  client(s). Applications are due September 4, 2015 for support the following year.

The organizations we select as pro-bono clients will receive communications consulting, training and services aligned with the organization’s needs. The primary goal is to direct the organization on a path to self-sustained communications after Weber Shandwick’s pro bono engagement has concluded.

Our program goals include:

  • Supporting environmental sustainability practices or educational improvement initiatives
  • Identifying organizations that have a specific communications need.
  • Equipping organizations with the tools to do the best job with their communications.
  • Stretching our budget to do the most good in the community.
  • Making participation in pro bono accounts rewarding for our staff members and providing opportunities to a large number of our employees.


Weber Shandwick does not provide funding grants to:

  • Organizations operating for profit.
  • Projects of religious denominations or sects.
  • Propaganda or lobbying efforts to influence legislation
  • Fundraising events or advertising associated with such events.
  • Support of individuals.
  • Support of travel for individuals or groups.
  • Capital and endowment campaigns.
  • Fraternal or veterans organizations.
  • Organizations that redistribute funds to other non-profits (“pass-through” grants).

About Weber Shandwick’s Pro-bono Program

Our pro-bono impact program is focused on supporting two important causes in the state of Minnesota: environment and sustainability initiatives, and education. Weber Shandwick will select an organization as a pro-bono client for its strong commitment to tackling the problem of resource scarcity, or its devotion to creating access to high quality education and skill building opportunities. A successful applicant may, for example, give specific priority to sustainability implementation initiatives in communities or youth education outreach projects in Minnesota.

Note: We review grant proposals only for pro bono public relations services. Only time is donated; no out-of-pocket expenses or cash awards are granted.

Pro Bono Review and Selection Schedule

Weber Shandwick will accept pro bono grant proposals from July through September 4, 2015. Proposals will be carefully reviewed and evaluated by our internal selection committee. Organizations(s) that are selected as the agency’s new pro bono account(s) will be notified in November. Work on pro bono accounts will begin in the new calendar year.

To see an example of our pro bono work in action, check out this video highlighting our strategic partnership with Hammer Residences in 2015.