Breakout Sessions 2017

2017 Breakout Sessions

During your day with Weber Shandwick, you’ll have the opportunity to attend two specialized breakout sessions with experts from our team. Each breakout session is designed to help you take away best practices, tools and strategies for your communications objectives.  


Crafting Key Messages that Connect
At the heart of speaking opportunity prep, media interviews and everyday outreach are solid key messages. We’ll walk through a valuable exercise to create effective messages for your organization and present the evidence needed so your story resonates with your stakeholders.

Engaging and Mobilizing Your Advocates
From volunteers, to legislators, to local media – “influencers” come in many forms. Learn how to best engage this important audience and equip them with the necessary tools to share your message.

MN Media Relations: Tips for Breaking Through to Twin Cities News Outlets
Today’s media isn’t what it used to be. With the rise of influencers, social media and a quick news cycle, nonprofits need to evolve to keep up. Come to learn the basics of interacting with today’s reporters, specifically local reporters, as well as ways to think strategically about your contacts and ways to approach them.

Cutting Through the Noise: Social in 2017
In its earliest days, social was a test-and-learn ground to build communities, earn some likes and have some fun with new forms of content (hello, GIFs). But the channels have matured – Facebook is only a year away from getting its driver’s permit – and so, too, must our approach to using them. In this session, we’ll take stock of the current landscape and chart their connection to our core communications and marketing activities, providing a high-level look at how to approach social media marketing, no matter your size, budget or access to tools.

Website Content that Works for You and Your Audience
Who likes hard-to-use websites filled with junk content? No one. This session will help you avoid that fate by identifying what sets you apart and how to sustainably communicate it online. We’ll start you on the path to making great website content that serves the needs of your audience and your organization.

Visual Storytelling
Thoughtful, visual stories can leave a lasting impression on your audience and make a significant impact for your organization. In this session, we’ll focus on the ins-and-outs of visual storytelling and provide tips to enhance your content – from simple design principles to practical ways to work on a small budget – to create the story your audience is waiting for.

Presentation Training
Presenting in front of an audience comes with the territory for any nonprofit leader. Whether you’re enlisting volunteers, speaking at a fundraiser, addressing your board or pitching a potential sponsor, success is dependent on your ability to effectively communicate so you connect. This session will teach you how to take command of a room with a strong, confident voice and overall presence.  You’ll also learn tips on how to use audiovisual aids correctly, reduce anxiety and answer tough questions.