Breakout Sessions 2018

2018 Breakout Sessions

Participants of the 2018 Telling Your Story workshop attended breakout sessions facilitated by experts from our team. Listed below are breakout session descriptions and corresponding presentations from the April 20 workshop designed to help nonprofits implement best practices, tools and strategies into their communications objectives.

Media Relations: Tips for Breaking Through to Twin Cities News Outlets

Today’s media isn’t what it used to be. With the rise of influencers, social media and a quick news cycle, nonprofits need to evolve to keep up. Come to learn the basics of interacting with today’s reporters – specifically local reporters – and ways to think strategically about your contacts and ways to approach them.

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Crafting a Communications Plan

The communications plan is the strategic foundation of all tactical activities your organization executes. In this breakout session, we’ll define the elements of a communications plan and give you the building blocks to develop your own plan that sets you up for success.

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Crafting Key Messages that Connect

Key messages are at the heart of all speaking opportunity preparations, including media interviews and everyday outreach. It can take a lot of work to refine your organization’s value proposition to three core points. We’ll walk through a valuable exercise to create effective messages for your organization and present the evidence needed so your story resonates with your stakeholders.

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Social Media 101

Learn how to build your social channels from the ground up, as well as how to maintain them week-to-week. Find out what channels you should be using and how to create meaningful content for your key audiences.

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Social Media 201

In the age of the 3-second attention span, how do you create a story that captivates and an experience that delights? How do you even reach people in the first place? Hear about social storytelling tactics and how to be efficient with content, for both awareness and action.

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Engaging and Mobilizing Your Advocates

Influencers and advocates come in all forms, from celebrities and social media stars to thought leaders and industry-specific professionals. In this session, you’ll learn about the benefits of partnering with third-party marketers and how to find the right advocates for your brand.

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Website Content that Works for You and Your Audience

Who likes hard-to-use websites filled with junk content? No one. This session will help you avoid that fate by identifying what sets you apart and how to effectively communicate it online. We’ll start you on the path to making great website content that serves the needs of your audience and your organization.

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