Employers today have a significant credibility gap. According to a survey conducted by our research division KRC Research, just 19% of employees perceive a strong match between how their employer presents itself externally and what they are personally experiencing as an employee.

Closing this gap makes real business sense. The survey found those who feel a strong alignment between what their employer says and does are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work (76% vs. 54%), encourage others to buy the company’s product or service (59% vs. 49%) and continue working for the company for at least another year (77% vs. 64%). They’re also more likely to be engaged at their job, putting in greater effort than those who don’t see alignment in the company’s values.

This isn’t just an American problem. Across the globe employees see the miss-match. Just 6% of employees in Japan think their company practices what it preaches, compared to 19% in the United Kingdom, 24% in Canada, 14% in France, 28% in Mexico and 33% in India.

What can employers do to close the gap? According to experts in our United Minds consulting division, employers should:

  • Lead with purpose internally and externally. Encourage diversity and inclusion, have a social purpose and provide employees with the tools and resources to do their job well.
  • Establish strong leadership based on credibility and trust. Respond quickly to a crisis, focus on culture, acknowledge employees and live up to the organization’s vision and values.
  • Ensure employees know the organizations values and goals. Clearly communicate a vision and keep employees informed.

Learn more about how our United Minds consultancy helps organizations manage change and increase employee engagement and see the full survey results here.