Minnesota Public Relations blog takes 5 minutes with a legend: Sara Gavin

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Be insatiably curious. Listen well. Embrace the ride.

These are just a few pointers from Sara Gavin, president of Weber Shandwick North America, in her latest interview with the Minnesota Public Relations blog after receiving the Donald G. Padilla Distinguished Practitioner award at this year’s Minnesota Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Classics Awards, as well as being named the 2015 Women in Business Career Achievement winner by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

At a glance, Gavin discussed her role in the PRSA Chapter and specifically touted the organization for helping shape her career and its broader role in cultivating other public relations leaders. Gavin went on to highlight Brooke Worden, who served as the Minnesota PRSA president in 2011 and who currently is a senior vice president of the financial services practice at Weber Shandwick Minneapolis.

Gavin also underscored Weber Shandwick’s continued support and employee involvement with PRSA and the Minnesota Chapter’s contributions to the resiliency of the Twin Cities professional community and its continued focus on high standards, integrity and creativity.

As parting wisdom, the interview highlighted Gavin’s advice to young professionals as they merge into the business community.


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