The Whole Idea: An Approach That Resonates Across Channels

Over the past decade, a shift has occurred in consumer behavior that requires marketers’ attention. Rather than responding to an ad and making a purchase, consumers have become engaged. They’re uncovering a brand’s entire existence, and buying what that brand stands for as much as what they’re selling. Because of this, it’s now critical for brands’ public-facing messages to ladder up to their ideals.

Enter Weber Shandwick Minneapolis. While the majority of agencies are clinging to the status quo, we have changed our ways to address how effective marketing needs to be practiced today.

At Weber MPLS, we build the whole idea – earned-first thinking that reflects a brand’s mission, sparks meaningful conversations and prospers in every channel.

The whole idea isn’t replacing big ideas, it’s merely a way for them to work more efficiently. We will always think boldly for our clients and work diligently to create something that matters. The whole idea simply allows content to speak for every piece of a brand’s business, at the speed of modern culture, in a way that’s measurable.

We build the whole idea through dynamic teaming. Instead of passing work between departments, we bring people together to form diverse, inclusive teams with a broad mix of talent. That way, we can guarantee the right people are working on an assignment.

The whole idea isn’t how we’ve always worked, but it’s certainly how we do things now. We at Weber Shandwick Minneapolis are storytellers, and the whole idea is how we produce success for our clients in today’s integrated world.