We are all made of stories: A recap from attending NerdCon

Storytelling is an art we, as communications professionals, learn to master more and more every day. Whether it’s taking a client’s mission and putting it into an engaging video to be shared on social, or finding an emotional connection to a brand’s target audience and writing a long-form piece that illustrates it in a new way – stories are at the forefront of what we do. That’s why when the inaugural NerdCon: Stories came to Minneapolis we knew we had to attend.


NerdCon: Stories was a two-day convention that brought in attendees from across the country to learn more about, and celebrate the enthusiasm of storytelling in all forms. It featured keynotes, games and panels with podcasters, novelists, cartoonists, musicians and poets.

Some of the most memorable moments were watching this eclectic group of people come together and create a narrative right on the spot. It’s all about teamwork, support and trusting those you work with to help come to a story everyone is proud of. We also heard from notable authors about how it felt to have other people take creative liberties with their work and adapt it into something else (i.e. John Green and the Fault in our Stars when it was turned into a movie). This provided great insight for telling stories through different mediums. When the medium changes, so does the audience and therefore the message must also change to some point. The original format is not always the best way to tell the story, so it is important to explore the way we go about communicating key messages.


Another key takeaway from the conference was about engaging communities. As a creator, it is your job to keep the audience, community and fans interested. With social media, it is easy to have direct two-way communication with these people, so it’s imperative that you’re actually doing it and have it become second nature.

Lastly, as NerdCon: Stories mastermind, Hank Green said, “Stories and each other are the most valuable thing that we have.” It is our job to be honest, ethical and excited to create and share valuable content.

For more NerdCon: Stories highlights, visit our visual recap on Storify: http://bit.ly/1O34GAm

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