Who We Are

Who We Are

While it’s true we are Minnesota’s largest public relations agency, we’ve earned that title by being so much more. We are Minnesota’s leading engagement agency and we are … Engaging. Always.

We thrive in new era in marketing. The Engagement Era. It’s a time when people are engaging with each other and the brands and issues they care about in entirely new ways. Today, people are taking control from the brands and organizations that used to do most of the talking and shaping their own stories.

At Weber Shandwick, we understand this new era because engaging people in conversations that matter to them is what we’ve always done. Winning today requires storytelling that’s relevant, personal and genuine. It means understanding the new power that trusted advocates wield. And, more than anything, winning demands content that’s provocative, original and irresistible.

We are a creative studio of writers, designers, builders, strategists, conversation-starters, storytellers. We are passionate about our clients and, through our specialty groups, we are deeply knowledgeable about their businesses.

The Engagement Era is new to some, but not to us. We’re the kind of marketing company built for today. Because we didn’t start building yesterday.

In fact, our Minneapolis office was founded more than 30 years ago, by Minnesotans, as a Minnesota firm. Our roots here are deep. Our commitment to strengthening the region is unwavering. We bring a strong Midwest work ethic to all we do, with a splash of Minnesota nice.

As the industry grew and consolidated so did we. We eventually became part of a global company and in 2001 took on the name of Weber Shandwick Minneapolis.

Today, Weber Shandwick Minneapolis is home to more than 120 seasoned professionals. Our expertise is broad and deep. We believe in putting clients first, in working collaboratively toward common goals, and in celebrating your successes. We believe in community and doing our part to strengthen and improve where we live and work.

We don’t shy away from cold in the winter or mosquitos in the summer. We always have our game faces on and are ready to hit the ground running. We are with you 100 percent – whether you are locally, nationally or internationally based. We are passionate about our work, knowledgeable about your business and dedicated to telling your story. So, let’s get engaged.